Treat the root of Age – nerve treatment

What is the treatment of root age? Uses the treatment of root age or nerve to treat the problem of injured tooth pulp and cause infection, and in the past, the immediate treatment at the nerve injury or tooth pulp is deposed directly in order not to worsen the problem, but with the development of medicine this has become the treatment of root age and means of saving the Age of dislocation and maintain As long as possible.

What is the core of Age? dental pulp dental pulp is the soft tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels and connective tissue is connective tissue and dental pulp inside the tooth and extends into the jaw bone

What happens in cases of tooth pulp? The decay is the main reason behind the incidence of tooth rotting, and when you hit the heart of this Age of infection and bacteria can not repair themselves and to resist decay, infections and germs. And more worker injured tooth pulp damage is full of broken teeth and partially deep gaps in the teeth that are not repaired early.These problems lead to the accumulation of bacteria and microbes in the dental pulp and thus to the tooth nerve injury and inflammation and infection at the delay in the treatment of Age, these infections lead to a problem in the nerve roots and in the bone surrounding the tooth and the emergence of a strong inflammatory and painful.

Why should I remove the roots and the nerve (pulp Age)? As mentioned previously, the lack of treatment leads to inflammation and severe pain and swelling in the face sometimes, which would lead to further damage the tooth and then takes it off the situation worsened and remained untreated.

How is it treated, what to include? May require treatment of the root to the three meetings in the normal position, where the consultant treating nerve roots, remove the outer layer of the tooth drilled and then remove the affected area of the tooth, and then start in the treatment of nerve root canal is cleaned and sterilized and then the work of filling appropriate to close the age and the nerve.Here are some steps that are applied in the treatment: The Beginning is the work of a hole in the tooth crown to get to the root core of the tooth. Tooth pulp is removed and then clean the root canal and drilled a way that allows the work to close it after filling holes. May be placed on certain medications and topical antibiotics for the treatment of inflammation and then covered fillings temporary until the end of all therapy sessions.After the doctor makes sure cure inflammation permanent filling is placed. Paneling may be placed over the tooth to protect it in some cases. For more information feel free to contact us.