Tooth decay

What is tooth decay?
Tooth decay is a destruction and necrosis of tooth enamel and causes tooth decay as a result of the accumulation of food debris and especially those containing carbohydrates, such as milk, chocolate, cakes and desserts in a continuous or semi-permanently on the teeth where it feeds bacteria in the mouth, the remains of these foods and produce acids affect the Age and later lead to Necrosis and Tsus

How is the prevention of tooth decay?
Methods are no longer maintaining the health of teeth difficult or unknown, there are steps that must be followed to keep the teeth:

  1. flossing your teeth cleaned once at least daily to remove food debris between the teeth.
  2. meals and healthy foods and prefers to stay away from sugary stuff
  3. consult your doctor about fluoride and how it can be obtained for prevention.
  4. Visit the dentist at least twice a year and the work of cleaning of the teeth once a year.

Alice caries limited to children only?
Decay does not occur on the teeth of children, but it may affect whatsoever at any age.
With the progress of human teeth start to age very far with them and help small gaps occur in the accumulation of food and the incidence of tooth decay, gum infection that also help spread the bacteria in the mouth increase the chance for cavities.

One of the problems common occurrence in adults, and adults in the age of a decay around fillings or flooring is enhanced as a result of failure to take care of their teeth at a young age, youth and lack of access to fluoride for needed to strengthen teeth, leading to increasing problems in old age.
In the end, do not hesitate to contact and see the dentist from time to time.