Tooth decay in infants

As well as children in the different years of age, Children have babies in their early years, the possibility of decay of the teeth, which called it (the bottle tooth decay) resulting from the baby teeth left without protection, and protection. Where decay occurs most often in the upper part of the front of the teeth may occur in the rest of the teeth, but less frequently.

Where to drink baby milk and liquid from the bottle through the lead to leave the remnants of this accumulation of fluid and then the bacteria in the mouth, feeding on the remains and the secretion of acids that lead to cavities and analyze the teeth of these children.

Among the factors that affect the occurrence of this type of decay the number of times that the child is given a bottle a day, and he slept a suckle them, these factors help in cavities faster.

How to protect babies teeth?
Dental Care for children in general is very important, these are the teeth that will help in the process of eating and digestion and helps the child to master and to speak out the letters from the outlets are good and clear, as it keeps the spacing of the teeth that appear in adulthood and old age,Van Tsost these teeth and degraded early lead to health problems in the mouth and not out of teeth in their positions as dental cavernous when you start to appear moving towards free places next to them, which generates complex problems later as they will not play a role in eating and digestion correct as may be born diseases in the device Digestive system.

  • How can I protect my child from this type of decay?
    Parents can protect their children, the incidence of decay by following the following methods:
  • after feeds must clear the baby’s gums with a clean towel and sterilized, and then must start using the toothbrush at the start of the emergence of primary teeth and their surroundings. This can be done without toothpaste with water but only until the child can reach the age at which accommodates the introduction of toothpaste in his mouth(almost two and a half to three).
  • Do not give the child a bottle of milk or juice is going to sleep.
  • Avoid giving the child fluids that contain sugars or gaseous substances.
  •  If your child drink water that is free of the proportion of fluoride required to strengthen teeth consulted a doctor to provide you with the correct ways to get fluoride.
  • With the completion of its first year of the child should consult a dentist for examination and follow-up from the beginning.