Teeth Whitening

Before you start thinking about the work of whitening your teeth, you may have to start going to the dentist to determine your suitability for this type of cosmetic treatment or not, and whether the desired results it will happen or not.

Valid does not fit all types of color changes that may occur on the teeth, for example, oblique teeth to the color yellow is easily treated with bleaching and lead to good results on it. The teeth brown Valid less useful with it, and gray may not work in the bleach-coded.

The bleach will not help in improving your smile, if any, colored fillings and old phenomenon, and may resort to other therapeutic methods to improve the appearance.

What is bleaching?
Bleaching is a cosmetic procedure and interative improvement to the appearance of teeth, color, and take from thirty to sixty minutes maximum to the dentist, has to be done by more than one meeting.

Is bleach put cream or gel on the gums or the cover on her to protect the tissue during the bleaching process, and then is an article bleached special medical on the teeth and begins directing the light through a special device to lead to the interaction of this article with teeth and the removal of darker colors, and is a bleaching laser Modern and effective means to bring about excellent results.

Can I have a bleach at home?
There are some materials that can be used at home to whiten teeth, but these materials must be prescribed by a dentist to make sure of the usefulness and suitability for your condition. There are some items that are sold in pharmacies without a prescription it working on teeth whitening, but it is always best to consult a doctor.

As for toothpaste, tooth whitening Fmajun works with the movement of a toothbrush to remove plaque from teeth and maintain, there are some types of pastes approved by the medical bodies and associations of dentists indicate their usefulness, but it will not be an interest rate of bleaching.