What dose impacted wisdom tooth means?

Wisdom tooth is the tooth that emerges usually after the age of 18years.
It is called ”wisdom tooth” because it emerges after the completion of human mental abilities. But the pain in this tooth region occurs commonly for lower tooth for multiple instances due to its eruption which is either completely or partially and this is called impacted because it is like a seed that remains under the soil that do not germinates and so ”wisdom tooth stays within the bone and gums”


  • Completely impacted : this means that the tooth is continued within the bone and gums completely and totally invisible in the mouth.
  • Partially Impacted : this means that the part of the tooth still exist under the gum and bone and another part is visible in the mouth.

These two types are divided into three different forms i.e.,
Vertically, horizontally or diagonally depending on their form and place in the mouth.

Is it necessary to remove any embedded wisdom tooth routinely , in general completely impacted wisdom tooth dose not required to be removed , but only if it causes any threat to the neighboring teeth or accompany pain and inflammatory effect.

If partial vertically impacted tooth which is not prone in any infection and dose not cause any harm for the patient may not be removed , but any partially impacted which is tilted in any angulations should be removed, even if it dose not process any harm or infection , it is for the benefit of the patient because in long run it will be a danger to the adjacent teeth by causing collection of food waste in between it and the adjacent molar causing decay for both the teeth , and also it dose not have any function in chewing the food so in this case partially impacted tooth should be removed.

Many people have fear for the removal of the wisdom tooth and they get panic when informed by the dentist thinking that it may cause a lot of pain and strain resulting in some kind of health problem , but these precipitations are more or less factious and imaginary which might had been spread by some people who had bad experience by some inadequately train physician.

But the fact is removal of wisdom tooth is quite easy without any side effects.