Invisalign “invisible Calendar

Calendar invisible “Invisalign ®” is a modern method of treatment to straighten teeth without using traditional Hawwasr Calendar, which is entirely dependent on the use of plastic molds thin, transparent to move the teeth and put it in its final form is required. From a historical perspective has been marketing this therapeutic method, first in June 1999 by Alain Technology, Inc. in the United States of America (Santa Clara, California, USA (Align Technology Inc., which still holds concessions to develop and market this type of therapeutic templates as a registered trademark to the present day.

PUC Calendar invisible on the principle of the use of a series of plastic molds that are manufactured accurately and in accordance with the Sunni eBooks Models represent different stages of default for a period of treatment, where each phase represents a small amount of tooth movement towards the final status of the teeth is desirable. In practiceBeginning stages of treatment, first by taking photographs and X-necessary and the work of special molds of the jaws and teeth, and then the doctor put the perception management of the situation and to send full information to the company’s headquarters and manufactures molds therapeutic based on the treatment plan for a virtual integrated and returned to the doctor. The doctor introduced the electronic simulation of the stages of therapeuticThe patient where the patient can get the full concept of the various stages of treatment, in addition to a picture of the final status of which will be the teeth after the end of treatment. After that, the doctor giving the patient a set of templates numbered according to the therapeutic phase of treatment where the patient to shift from a template to the template, which followed after a period of two weeks on average usage of each templateIs the follow-up developments after the treatment by a physician during regular visits to give any necessary recommendations and deliver the next set of templates to access when the final result..,

Of the major advantages of this method is the calendar of the teeth is undoubtedly an aesthetic standpoint, the fact that these plastic molds completely transparent and do not leave any impact on the teeth, either during use or after the treatment period. It also can be removed from the teeth of these templates is very fast and simple by the patient when the Margb or during the change the template through the stages of Alglaj.The terms of functional and Alataip hygiene of the mouth and teeth, the possibility of removing the templates from the teeth and return them easy and simple allowing the patient the opportunity to enjoy eating meals daily without any Jhazatquyemi in his mouth or harassment of Alhawwasr mineral and Hasps rubber used routinely in the braces of traditional,And also allows the patient to exercise all means of cleaning and care of the mouth and teeth are perfectly normal and healthy, helping to keep teeth and gums surrounding free from diseases and infections during the treatment period. As well as in practice, this method requires a number of visits to the clinic physician much less than the required number in case follow-up treatment of the traditional calendar,It is also not to cause pain or discomfort during treatment, as is the case in the beginning stages of the traditional calendar and after regular visits. All these advantages make this therapeutic approach the optimal solution for the treatment of the manifestations of malocclusion and irregular teeth in the category of adults, especially those of emerging devices Aihbz traditional calendarEither because of his position Owalijtmai or just his personal desire. Certainly the therapeutic advantages of this method is a multi-day revolution in the world of cosmetic dentistry has become the undisputed way celebrities and stars in the access to the most beautiful smile and the most attractive, without having to suffer the traditional calendar and the requirements of the teeth.

In general, each method or technique therapeutic aspects of the shortcomings and limitations in the application, the way the invisible Calendar disproportion Unfortunately for all cases of malocclusion or irregular teeth, especially complex ones, which move the teeth to require a great distance or requireSurgical intervention for Tsahsih size or development of the jaws. Also considers the cost and duration of treatment longer than the traditional calendar of the negative aspects in the use of this technique.

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